About Chris & Christine

About Us

Chris & Christine's Crafts is the product of the creative talents of Chris Rickels & Christine Hassall. The pair's aim is to create pieces which combine the traditional with the innovative, for home decor and gifts which are both cosy, quirky and contemporary.

All items are made by hand and with great care and enjoyment. If people love our crafts as much as we do, we're happy.



Whether it's stunning photography or dynamic water colours, Chris has always had a passion for capturing areas of local beauty and curiousity.

Both the ancient and alluring monuments at the heart of Nottinghamshire's history, such as the Major Oak or the Olde Trip to Jerusalem and the pillars of modern local life like the City Ground or Creative Quarter are captured in new light within Chris' paintings.

Chris loves bringing a modern twist to an old classic, and so loves to use machinery and new techniques to create items with universal appeal, from birthday cards to Christmas decorations.  



Christine’s creations, like herself, usually embody elements of the traditional and the quirky. She is drawn to bright colours and fun elements, and loves to design items which will appeal to the child within anyone, whatever their age.

Christine’s favourite time of year is Autumn and Christmas, as she’s always loved the endless ways there are of decorating a home during this time. It’s about filling the house with life, nature and warmth, and Christine has always felt that this shouldn’t have to stop when the season ends.