Chris & Christine have a blog look!

Hi everyone it’s Christine here! I just wanted to let you know that we have a blog and we know how to use it! We’re going to be updating it as regularly as possible and have decided it will contain the following:

– Interesting* info about our design ideas and new products
– Our influences which helped start & keep us inspired
– Thoughts on events coming up that we are making special things for (see our upcoming first proper blog post)
– Work of other makers we love – there are so many
– Fab things happening in our local area
– No ramblings*

*We hope.

First of all though, here’s a little about us. We’ve been a couple for 3 years now, though it feels much longer (in a good way!) and we started our business unofficially 2 years ago. We live in Sherwood, Nottingham and make all our products from home. We split the actual creating of our products down the middle and both have a hand in designing and coming up with new ideas as well.

As my day job is in Marketing for a local digital agency and Chris’ is web development that’s pretty much what we each gravitate towards in the business. That’s why I’ll be writing these blogs mainly – though Chris will have a hand in it too, don’t worry. Hopefully the further along we get the better they’ll be, hence why this, our very first one is more of a prologue to say, “look we’ve got a blog!”

Check out our first proper blog at the start of July which will be all about the importance of saying ‘thanks’ – especially to teachers – which will go with our latest range of education related cards.

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