Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences

Recently Chris and I travelled to Haworth in West Yorkshire, to visit the once home of the Brontë siblings and their father. The Brontë Parsonage sits atop a cobbled street lined with wonderful little treasure troves (one of which is Wave of Nostalgia which we LOVED), independent and colourful shops, and smiling faces. On the one side of the home, now a tourist attraction owned and kept by the Brontë Society, lies the village of Howarth, and on the other, the rolling moors. The same wild and windy moors which, in the minds of the Brontë sisters, played host to the love, madness and romance found within the pages of some of the world’s most alluring literature.

Ours was only a flying visit but it led us to thinking about those authors and artists who inspire some of our artwork and designs. To commemorate our visit (and our mutual love of Autumn, about which Christine will be waxing lyrical in our next blog post) we have created our latest cut-out artwork, with this wonderful quote from Emily.

Other authors who have inspired our work include Jane Austen, who’s 200th anniversary we celebrate this year, and Terry Pratchett, who has said some very wise things, the very wisest of which we have immortalised on our cat cut out poster.

There are thousands of words out there that ignite the flame of creativity in us, and it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to capture them all. My favourite poet, John Clare, wrote some beautiful lines in his tragic life, and so you can look out for artwork inspired by him in the future.

What are your favourite lines, authors, songwriters or poets? Is there a line or quote that has always stood out to you, something you could live your life by that you’d just love to see materialise in front of your eyes? We’d love to hear your inspirations and ideas, and even create something especially for you if we can, so don’t hesitate to drop us an email to hello@cccrafts.co.uk or get in touch via Facebook or Instagram with your thoughts.

In case you were wondering, the iconic line we’ve used as a title comes from the immortal Sylvia Plath. Fun fact: on Spotify you can find readings and commentary by Plath of her own work that are truly hypnotic. Have a look I heartily recommend them. The photograph was one I took in Branwell Brontë’s bedroom, which has been curated by Simon Armitage to look as it would have when he lived in it.

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