Save the Unicorns (of the sea)

I’ve just started making a brand new narwhal necklace since our one and only was snapped up at our market on Sunday. She is now named Lady Abigail Periwinkle and happily helping the GM of Blend in Sneinton Market construct killer grilled cheese sandwiches and spread magic and joy wherever she goes.

But as providence will have it I’ve just received my regular Greenpeace newsletter telling me of the efforts they’re going to to make the world more habitable for all its living creatures, and who should be the star of this email but the unicorns of the sea – the narwhals themselves.

The coincidence was so great that I was compelled to donate a third of the sale that Lady Abigail earned us to Greenpeace’s excellent cause: to stop the Norwegian government from oil drilling in the Arctic for the first time in 20 years. I also wanted to raise awareness if I could, as this drilling could have a devastating effect on much of the habitat of the narwhal as well as a menagerie of other marine life.

Narwhals are already in grave danger of falling into history’s chasm and being extinguished from this earth forever, and these new measures will help usher them into oblivion even faster. We can’t let this happen. Narwhals are known as the unicorns of the sea, but they’re so much more than that. They are living, breathing, intelligent animals who could soon be out of a home.

In an effort to save them from extinction we will donate a third of each sale of our narwhal necklace to Greenpeace.

You can help us help narwhals here, but if you’d like to go straight over to Greenpeace to donate yourself, please head over to


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