Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

One of my favourite songs by Joni Mitchell is ‘Urge for Going’. If you haven’t listened to it I really recommend it, because it perfectly and beautifully reflects the feeling you get during this time of the year. Where the days are hurrying on, and you feel the inevitable grief that comes with the loss of the long, warm days of summer.

It also describes that urge you get (well, I certainly do anyway) when the mornings become a little chillier, and the leaves a little more golden, of wanting to wander away. Instead of seeing the turning of autumn as a loss, though, we see it as a magical time of year.

In my opinion, autumn is the best season of all. There is nothing more pleasing than donning a fitted wool coat, slipping on a pair of boots and crunching through golden leaves, or stepping out of the house in the morning greeted by rosey cheeks and the smell of wood smoke.

And of course, one of the best things about autumn, is having a cozy place to come home to. Houses in autumn should be snug little burrows; your place to, as Joni sings, ply to fire with kindling, pull the blankets up to your chin and lock out the vagrant winter. So we celebrate autumn as much as any season with what we do best – decoration!

Autumn is all about warm colours to match the glorious deciduous leaves and to add warmth to your rooms. An autumn wreath on your door to welcome you home is a great start, and hangings and pictures bedecking your walls are perfect for brightening up gloomy evenings and rainy afternoons.

Take a look at some of the décor and jewellery we’ve created specifically for this season that will put you in the mood for a spiced latte and some bonfire toffee in no time. Of course, Halloween is one of the best things about autumn, and you can come to us for your décor and jewellery for this occasion too!

Christine x

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