Change the world. Buy indie.

Hi again. We’ve been thinking. In the aftermath of the messy political landscape of the past year both at home and abroad, and having never once got the outcome we’ve personally hoped and in fact voted for, it’s easy to ask the question, “what more can I do?”

It can drive you insane watching a leader you didn’t vote for sign off policy after horrific policy that seems so far removed from what the people of your country want and need. More cuts to this essential public service, higher tax for this struggling minority group; every day there’s something. In May of 2015 after the first of many political setbacks we decided to change a few things about our habits:

  • Eat less meat and dairy and what little we eat, buy from local, home grown sources
  • Sign and create online petitions. Seems insignificant but sometimes they can break a ray of light through a vast and stormy sky
  • Buy from and donate to charity shops (we recommend the Nottinghamshire Hospice on Sherwood high street; it’s our local – SO MANY wonderful finds and Susie and her team will brighten your day)
  • Volunteer. Little things, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t going to save the world but may change SOMEONE’S world.
  • And finally, and buy independent.

We work every hour we can – that isn’t devoted to day jobs, family and friends – on our business and we know literally hundreds of people in Nottingham alone who work just as hard on their creative enterprises. We feel very lucky (and a little intimidated at times) to be surrounded by creative, ambitious, talented individuals who slog night and day to live a very special kind of life. Being an indie business owner isn’t easy: the admin is endless and the actual making stuff is a dream compared to the hard grind you have to put in getting your wares seen. That’s where you come in. I love a new dress or gift for a pal as much as the next gal (seriously I’m drowning in dresses – it’s a problem) but it’s so much nicer to be wearing a custom item, or to give something truly unique.

When you buy from an independent maker, it’s almost like a little act of rebellion. You’re more than just a figure on a chart in a boardroom. You’re Sam from Australia who’s bought a card for little Arty. You’re Millie from Stratford who’s going to wear my necklace, a necklace I made in my house under the close (but not too close of course) supervision of a large grey cat. You’re the person who made Chris and me rush home to make the thing you ordered and give each other a big hug at the sound of the classic Etsy sale ‘ca-ching!’ You matter to us. And it’s so difficult today to feel like one matters to anyone.

So, defy those big companies, those boring politicians who insist art doesn’t matter and your well-being isn’t worth their time. Buy indie. Support local. Change the world.

To continue these sentiments here are just a few of (believe us there are SO many!) our favourite local indie artists, designers & businesses:

Made in Nottingham

Two Little Magpies

The Shop at Sneinton Market

Nottingham Candle Company

Meadowsweet Designs

Perfidious Jewellery

Corazon Pompom

Wildgoose Designs


Creative Quarter Nottingham

Debbie Bryan

Nonsuch Theatre

The Crafty Fox

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